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Code VBA is an add-in for both professional software developers and MS Office users of Visual Basic for Applications. Using Code VBA you will write VBA code faster and spend less time looking for solutions on-line:


The slides below give you an idea of what tools are included. help Help on VBA code tools. screencast Code VBA demo screencast. download Download free trial here.

  • Tooltip explain what functions do

    Insert code from the menu. Tooltips show the code that will be inserted and info on what the procedure does and hyperlinks to a help page if available - F1.

  • Code explorer replaces project explorer

    The Code Explorer is a replacement of the Project Explorer which lets you navigate to procedures and adds many new features.

  • Select a built-in or custom dialog

    For user interaction many built-in and custom dialogs are made available with supporting code.

  • Insert function or sub with the procedure builder

    The Procedure Builder lets you specify the basic features of a new function or sub including comments block and error handling.

  • Excel VBA add-on menu

    Use the Excel VBA add-on to insert code blocks concerning Excel classes and their documentation.

  • Access VBA add-on menu

    Use the MS Access VBA add-on to work with Access objects, SQL, recordsets and access their documentation.

  • Quick insertion of control statements

    Easy insertion of control statements: If .. Then .. Else, Select, While, For and GoTo. When hovering over Switch a tooltip appears showing the code that will be inserted and a description and link to documentaion for this statement.

  • create a userform with the builder

    To make your own dialogs in Excel or Word use the Userform Builder which also helps with validating the input.

  • adding your own code fragments

    You can make new code fragments available from the menu either by using the Fragment Editor ('New Fragment' on the menu), or by adding your own code modules in the appropriate subfolder under \My Documents\VBA Code\.

Code VBA works with Works with MS Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, MS Project, SharePointDesigner, Visio and AutoCad. Office 2000 - 2016, both 32 and 64 bit versions; Windows XP (SP3), VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.