Create macro in Excel or Word

When you write a macro you probably want the user-or yourself-to be able to start it without having him going through the VBE editor into your code. You can start it from the Developer tab - button View Macros, which will open a dialog from which you can start the macro. However this approach is not advised for end-users. To make the macro available in a user-friendly way you can:

  • Customize the ribbon: add a group and a button with the macro;
  • Assign a control key to the macro;
  • Start the macro from a button.

The Macro Creator of Code VBA makes it simple to implement the last two ways.

Developer tab - button Macros

After pressing OK:

1. The code is inserted

Sub MyProcedure()
' MyProcedure Macro
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+D
End Sub
The combo box lets you select where you want to want to have the macro inserted: a. in the current workbook, b. in personal.xslb (Word: file where your personal add-ins are located or c. in a new workbook.

2. The Keyboard Shortcut is created -if applicable

3. A button is added to the first worksheet, including code to start the procedure if the user clicks the button d -if applicable

button added to the worksheet