Customizing the Excel VBA menu

excel toplevel menu with simpler All selected

The full menu of Excel VBA shows all classes and their methods and properties the number of which is vast. This kind of completeness is not always an advantage as you have to select the code from many possible alternatives. To overcome this problem you can choose between different sets of classes. On the initial setup there are two: All and Basic.

As an example, on the right you see the Excel top level menu with 'All' selected as Simpler preference, while below image shows with 'Basic selected'.

Switch between advanced / complete and simpler Excel menu

There are two places where you can select which set of classes you want to have available in Excel:

Image below shows the case where filter 'Basic' is selected. Compared to the filter 'All' you will notice the Basic version doesn't show the classes 'PivotTable', 'QueryTable', 'ListObject', 'WorksheetFunction' and 'Chart'. You will appreciate not having to stare at these classes when you actually don't need them.

excel simpler basic selected

Make your own custom sets

Obviously we have no way of exactly knowing which set of classes are used by you on a daily basis. You are therefore encouraged to create your own classes:

  1. Alt-CP | Menu: Code VBA » Excel » Simpler » Manage Filters
  2. Copy the 'All' or 'Basic' file (whichever is most convenient as a starting point for creating a new set.) and give it a suitable name, e.g. 'my daily'.
  3. Open the new file and add or remove the classes you want to have available.
  4. Save your changes

You may now select the new set you created as decribed in the previous section.