VBA Code Generators and Tools

Save time, improve code quality, get the work done!

Code VBA is an invaluable coding assistant integrated within the VBA editor. The extended IntelliSense lets you insert complete VBA statements and code blocks in one go. Tools are included to make coding easier such as procedure navigation, automatic code indentation, code commenting, variable declaration, error handling and more.
Explore the code generation features below. Click on image for more details.

Improved IntelliSense

Starting from an standard variable assignment = or operator & Code VBA IntelliSense Shift-SPACE opens a menu with all expressions that return the required type, here String.

Function Call Builders

A procedure call builders appears whenever you selected a sub, function, property or method from a Code VBA menu and the procedure has more than one parameters involved.

Set object variables easily

When started from an object variable assignment = Code VBA IntelliSense opens a menu with all expressions that can be used to Set variables of that type, here Workbook.

Insert For Each code block

Activating Code VBA IntelliSense on an empty line inside an object's With .. End With block gives all that's available for that object, including looping objects of a collection property - here the Rows in a Worksheet.

Complete lines of code

Complete lines, including setting of enumerated value, can be written just navigating down an object's menu. Such statements can be created using IntelliSense or from the Object menu.

Inspect Object properties

In the Object menu it is possible to see the actual values of properties in te tooltip. Additionally you can have statements from the Object menu inserted into the Immediate window to run them there.

Finding the procedure you need

Office applications involve thousands of methods and properties, making the one you need difficuly to find. The Find menu option returns a list of procedures that use the word.

The Excel Application menu

The Excel Application menu gives you access to VBA code for the Excel Application class specific global procedures. Includes opening an existing - or creating a new workbook.

Excel Object menu

The Excel Object menu lets you instantly add VBA code from global object variables already present.

The Access Application menu

The Access Application menu gives you access to the most commonly used VBA code organized in the same way as on the MS Access ribbon plus a tool to easily create SQL.

Dialog builders

Extensive support is available for the different kind of user interactions such as messagebox and inputbox, file, folder and date picker dialogs under menu Dialog.

Procedure Builder

The Procedure Builder is specially helpful for larger (main) procedures. If required it can even add error handler code that allows the user to send an email to you giving details on what happened.

Folder Builder

The The Folder Builder helps to create code specifying the directory to store files in, optionally using variables in the file creation process. If the folder you want to use may not yet exist, you can have it automatically added.

MS Access Recordset Builder

The The Recordset Builder makes it very easy to create code to add, read, update or browse data in your MS Access database using DAO (or ADO).

Class Builder

The Class Builder is a very convenient way to create a class with properties. Note: there also is a separate Property builder and generate class from table feature.

Multiline String Builder

The Multiline String Builder simplifies the coding of string expressions that combine variables and strings, possibly distributed over several lines.

Writing your own Code Builders

Code VBA relies for most part on the VBA language and what the Office application offers. Still, we also found it convenient to be able to extend VBA with common functions.