WorksheetFunction.Ceiling_Precise (Excel)

Returns the specified number rounded to the nearest multiple of significance.

For example, if you want to avoid using pennies in your prices and your product is priced at $4.42, use the formula Ceiling(4.42,0.05) to round prices up to the nearest nickel. If the significance argument is omitted, the value 1.0 is used. Depending on the sign of the number and significance arguments, the Ceiling_Precise method rounds either away from or towards zero.

Ceiling_Precise (Arg1, Arg2)

Dim dblArg1 As Double: dblArg1 = 
Dim dblCeiling_Precise As Double
dblCeiling_Precise = WorksheetFunction.Ceiling_Precise(Arg1:=dblArg1)


Arg1, Arg2

Arg1 (Double) - Number - the value that you want to round.

Arg2 - Significance - the multiple to which you want to round