How to use Excel class XmlNamespace

XmlNamespace represents a namespace that has been added to a workbook. This page provides code for the methods of the Excel class XmlNamespace: InstallManifest.


For Each in collection XmlNamespace

The code below shows how you can loop through a XmlNamespaces collection.

Dim wb As Workbook
Dim xmlnm As XmlNamespace
For Each xmlnm In wb.XmlNamespaces

Next xmlnm

InstallManifest XmlNamespace

Dim xmlnms As XmlNamespaces
xmlnms.InstallManifest Path:= 


PathThe name of the file containing the XML expansion pack manifest.
InstallForAllUsersTrue registers the XML expansion pack for all users of the computer; False registers for only the current user. Default is False.

For more info see

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