Download Code VBA

Brief Description

20 days free trial. Prices starting at 79.95 € / US$ 90.35

VBA programming knowledge and productivity add-in. The download includes the Excel VBA and Access VBA add-ons. After the trial period the Code VBA software stops working unless you decide to buy a license.

Quick Details

Msi file, zipped:
Version: 7.1.15 (read this to see what has changed)
Date Published: 22aug16
Download Size: 3.122 kb

Note: If the download does not start and you have Internet Explorer, try: Internet Options > Advanced > press [Reset] button

Install using setup:

  1. Unzip
  2. Run the setup.exe for the msi program to install the Code VBA software.

The setup adds a toolbar in the Visual Basic editor VBE

Note: If you get error 2503 when running the setup.exe try Run as administrator

System Requirements

The software can be used with Office 2000 - 2016, both 32 bit and 64 bit versions, Windows XP (SP3), VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Uses NET Framework 4.0 - if missing it is automatically installed by setup program.

How-to pages to get you started:

toolbar codevba

Note: If the toolbar does not appear, this may be caused by either Windows Explorer having excel open in the preview pane, or by an anti-virus program. You can try work around this by either closing the preview pane or by opening Excel before opening the file you you want to work on.

Uninstall the program

To uninstall visit Windows Control Panel. Select Programs > Uninstall a program. In the list of programs, select Code VBA and press button Uninstall.