Class XmlDataBinding (Excel VBA)

The class XmlDataBinding represents the connection to the source data for an XmlMap object.


Removes the specified data binding.


Initializes the specified data binding with settings from an XML data file or a Data Retrieval Service Connection (.uxdc) file.

Syntax : expression.LoadSettings (Url)

Url: The path to the XML data file. The path is specified in the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or universal naming convention (UNC) format.


Returns the parent object for the specified object. Read-only.


Retrieves XML data by using the current connection settings of the specified XmlDataBinding object.

Possible Values are xlXmlImportElementsTruncated - The contents of the specified XML data file have been truncated because the XML data file is too large for the worksheet, xlXmlImportSuccess - The XML data file was successfully imported, xlXmlImportValidationFailed - The contents of the XML data file do not match the specified schema map.


Returns a String that represents the path to the XML data file or the web service that provides the source data for the specified data binding.