Name related procedures in class PivotItem (Excel VBA)

This page presents procedures from class PivotItem related to the theme Name: SourceName and SourceNameStandard


Returns a value that represents the specified object's name as it appears in the original source data for the specified PivotTable report.

The value of this property might be different from the current item name if the user renamed the item after creating the PivotTable report. The following table shows example values of the SourceName property and related properties, given an OLAP data source with the unique name "[Europe].[France].[Paris]" and a non-OLAP data source with the item name "Paris".

Dim strSourceName As String
strSourceName = ActiveCell.PivotItem.SourceName


Returns a String that represents the PivotTable items' source name in standard English (United States) format settings.

This property is used when an item has a localized version and its SourceNameStandard property value differs from the SourceName property value, such as with date formatting.

Dim strSourceNameStandard As String
strSourceNameStandard = ActiveCell.PivotItem.SourceNameStandard