Class Floor (Excel VBA)

The class Floor represents the floor of a 3D chart.


Clears the formatting of the object.


Returns the ChartFormat object.


Returns a String value that represents the name of the object.


Returns the parent object for the specified object. Read-only.


Pastes a picture from the Clipboard on the floor of the specified chart.

This method can be used on column, bar, line, or radar charts.


Returns or sets a value that represents the way pictures are displayed on the walls and faces of a 3D chart.

Possible Values are xlStack - Picture is sized to repeat a maximum of 15 times in the longest stacked bar, xlStackScale - Picture is sized to a specified number of units and repeated the length of the bar, xlStretch - Picture is stretched the full length of the stacked bar.

This property can be set to one of the following XlChartPictureType constants: xlStack or xlStretch.


Selects the object.


Returns or sets a Long, specifying the thickness of the floor.

Use this property to set the thickness of the floor. The default thickness is zero (0).